Workshop – What you get

At Assassin Dirt Bikes, we offer uncompromising workmanship with a high attention to detail. Every service is

Note: All checks performed looks for operation, damage and or fatigue of the function/ part mentioned. Parts that require replacing will either be quoted.

B = Indicates items included in a Basic/ Minor Service

M = Indicates items included in a Major Service




-          Test-ride (B)

-          Wear Check (B)

-          Damage/ Faults check (B)

-          Quote for the repair of damaged, faulty or worn items (B)


Engine/ Mechanical


-          Oil check and replacement (all oils replaced with Lucas Oils) (B)

-          Strainer clean as required (M)

-          Spark plug replacement (B)

-          Valve adjustments and checks and adjustments (M)

-          Air filter clean and re-oil (quote for replacement if required) (B)

-          Chain tension check and lube (quote for replacement if required) (B)

-          Cooling system check and clean (fins and oil cooler) (M)

-          Wheel nut and bearing checks (B)

-          Steering and swingarm linkage checks (B)

-          Suspension checks (M)




-          Brakes check and adjustment as required (includes lines and fluids) (B)

-          Throttle cable and choke check and adjustment as required (B)

-          Gear and brake leaver checks for signs or damage or fatigue (M)

-          Battery check and charge or replacement quote as required (M)

-          Spray battery terminal protector as required (B)

-          Lubrication of the following: clutch, throttle, choke cables; Brake leave, brake pedal, clutch lever, shift pedal, side-stand, and foot-peg pivot shaft. (M)

-          Tyre and tube checks (M)

-          Light checks (where application, quote for replacement bulbs if required) (M)


Post Check


-          Idle speed adjusts as required (B)

-          Checks for unusual noises (B)

-          Oil leaks after test ride (B)

-          Service sticker (B/M)

-          Clutch operation check (B)

-          Gear change check (M)